Fresh Local Seafood

At Dockside Seafood we operate our own boats in Rhode Island, which allows our market to provide the finest quality of seafood offered in the state.  We also purchase an array of fresh seafood directly from the boat docks in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine.

Locally sourced from Rhode Island:

  • Fresh seafood on a daily basis
  • Harvested shellfish from Narragansett Bay clam diggers
  • Deep Sea – Day boat catches of fresh fish, which we fillet at our store daily

Fresh seafood from Georges Banks / Cape Code, MA

  • Fresh scallops “Top of the Trip Only”
  • Multiple species of seafood caught daily

Maine Lobsters!

  • Fresh live Maine Lobsters in multiple weights.

Fresh from Alaska

  • King Crab legs
“We consistently beat the competition for pricing, quality products and service!”

Please allow us to serve you the freshest quality seafood in the state of RI.  Our condiments such as batters, breadcrumbs, juice and stuffing are readily available at our market, and are priced very competitively.